Labeling Law

Today we can find on the market a wide variety of special products “gluten free” (sin gluten) that replace those made from wheat, barley, rye and oats.

These products can be identified by different symbols:

  • Controlled by FACE.
  • Cross spike.
  • Others.

Controlled by FACE


The Seal of Guarantee “controlled FACE” (controlado por FACE) is created for companies that produce foodstuff suitable for celiac (gluten free diets) and wish to assure consumers compliance with good practice self-control and assure the quality of their products through certification.

Certification Guarantee branded “controlled FACE” is achieved by checking the manufacturer’s quality system, which should include at PCC ((critical control point) of your HACCP system gluten in the entire production chain, from . receipt of raw material to finished product packaging verification is performed by certification authorities accredited by ENAC according to the criteria listed in the UNE. EN 45011:98 thus ensures a final product with a gluten to levels below 10 ppm (mg / kg), which is the critical current limit.

In this brand can host both manufacturers of special products for coeliacs (bread, pastries, pasta…), as those manufacturers who voluntarily acquire a particular commitment to developing celiac even conventional products (sausages, dairy…).

FACE has been the pioneer in the creation of this Brand Guarantee, completely new to international markets, which still exist at large regarding the term “gluten free” legislative gaps, is a boon for companies that want to manufacture products without gluten, by providing clear guidelines for action and a quality and safety for celiac consumer.

Cross spike


It is the international symbol gluten free. It is governed by AOECS (Association of European Coeliac) who delegates its member associations the right to use and control. Currently, industries wishing to use this symbol are certified in the “European System License” (ELS).

For this symbol to be valid, must be accompanied by the registration number issued by the association and one of the following expressions: “OATS”, “100” or “100/OATS”.


logo_cel   logo_cel   logo_cel   logo_cel

XX-YY-ZZ                     OATS                            100                            100/OATS                                                          XX-YY-ZZ                       XX-YY-ZZ                  XX-YY-ZZ

If the symbol is not accompanied by any expression, it means that the product contains less than 20 mg / kg (ppm) of gluten and contains no oats.

OATS – The product contains pure oat.

100 – The product contains up to 100 mg / kg (ppm) of gluten and contains oats.

100/OATS- The product contains up to 100 mg / kg (ppm) of pure gluten and oat.


There are manufacturers and supermarket chains that own initiative indicate on their products labeled “gluten free”. These and subsequent release of these manufacturers and grocery products, after passing the requirements FACE, could be incorporated in the List of Foods FACE prepared annually, guaranteeing an amount of less than 20 ppm (mg / kg) gluten.