Here we show some tips that will come right if you’re coming or celiac and live in Madrid.

If you’re in a restaurant:

Tell the maître or waiter that you are celiac and you have to carry a gluten free diet.

Discuss with him the dishes, to your knowledge, can consume without problems.

Do not hesitate to ask the ingredients and the process of preparation of dishes. Not everyone knows the CD and which is gluten-free diet, and although known, do not have to know as much as you.

There are dishes that are in the vast majority of restaurant menus and are free of gluten (salads, fish and grilled meats, natural tortillas, natural desserts, fruit, etc.). Just ask the staff how to elaborate them and the ingredients they use.

If there are chips, you ask they make in a clean pan. You have to keep in mind, however, that whenever there are more restaurants that have a fryer exclusively for frying potatoes, as they are cooked at a different temperature than other fried, and that go out no trace of other chips, which impacts a better presentation of the dishes.

If the dish is grilled, also requests a clean pan. In many instances, is incorporated in the meal plate to prevent food from sticking, resulting in cross contamination.

If you like bread, pastries, pasta, take always two special packages gluten (bread, cookies, muffins, etc.), just in case. If the pasta, ask to make it to your liking.

If you’re in a bar:

Tell the waiter that you are celiac and can not eat a range of products.

Asked by “tapas” and/or rations that are made by hand, and check that you can consume the ingredients that compose them.

You can always ask tapas of cheese, ham, tinned food (mussels, scallops, cockles, etc.). Remember that you can consume soft drinks, wines, juices and some liquors.

To buy gluten-free products:

In large chain of Hypermarkets and Supermarkets (Hipercor, Carrefour, Auchan, Eroski, Dia, AhorraMás) find section Gluten-free products, and the Mercadona supermarket you will find all kinds of gluten-free products labeled with the logo “Sin Gluten“.

Also in dietary and herbal specialized stores you can find specific products without gluten various specialized brands.