Madrid Sin Gluten

Dear friends,

We want to welcome all of coeliac Madrid this regional association created to be a link between the Federation of Coeliac Associations of Spain (FACE) and residents affected by coeliac disease in Madrid.

After the departure of FACE by association representing Madrid, in February 2013, several coeliac we agreed we search for a way that the capital had representation in the Federation. FACE allows us to stay connected and informed of all the news from our disease and we believe that disassociate from this federation would cause disenfranchise within the national and european representation.

Gluten Free Madrid (Madrid Sin Gluten) is formed by a group of coeliac, like you, we seek to be informed and contribute to improving the quality of life of people with coeliac disease. We do not seek an economic profit through this initiative, only to form an informed community can have a say in FACE.

Full of enthusiasm and desire to contribute to this community, we implement this initiative we hope will be of benefit to all. We encourage you to know and get in touch with us visiting our office located in Getafe 3 Commercial Centre or by this website.